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AATY Membership

Ìjẹ́ọmọẹgbẹ́ AATY

Membership Benefits and Policies


AATY members work on the development of Yoruba language, culture, and civilization, including teaching, research, promotion, advocacy, and other related interests.

Anyone with an interest in the pedagogy of Yoruba language is welcome to join AATY.
Membership is open to individuals living and working in Africa or the Diaspora

Benefits of Membership

  • Forum for disseminating research and exchanging ideas on the teaching of Yoruba.

  • Opportunity to publish in refereed journals such as Yoruba Studies Review, JALTA, and JNCOLCTL.  

  • Contact with colleagues in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and across the world.

  • Professional mentoring opportunities and a strong network with other AATY Members. 

  • Sponsored panels at ALTA/NCOLCTL conferences.

  • Initiatives that benefit members and colleagues in Africa.

  • Access to our robust listserv that allows for direct communication with AATY members.

  • Yoruba FLTA Program.

Have Questions? E-mail AATY secretariat at

Annual Membership Dues

  • Student or Postdoc $25. 
  • K-12 Educators $25
  • Members in Africa $25
  • Faculty & Research, Non-Tenure Line, and staff $50 
  • Organization and Institution $50

New Member Form


Join AATY in two quick steps, providing only the basic information that we need to identify you.

Ẹ káàbọ̀. Àjọṣe wa kò ní bàjẹ́!

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