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From Our President


Warmest greeting!

I am thrilled to welcome you to the American Association of Teachers of Yoruba (AATY)’s website. This platform provides information about the association, the people, ongoing activities, professional training, publications, lectures, conferences, grants, and language pedagogy resources that are considered useful for members and other interested people. While the AATY association began in 2010 with a name that centers American–based scholars and teachers of Yoruba language, additional members have also joined from the homeland to support the teaching and learning of Yoruba language in the diaspora. Her members range from scholars of applied linguistics, Yoruba language and literature scholars, graduate students, and foreign language teaching assistants. Current members of the AATY are in the following countries: America, France, and Nigeria. More importantly, the collaboration of members from the two settings—North America and West Africa— enhances intellectual exchange that benefits Yoruba language learners and the teaching enterprise across the board. For example, our yearly conference constitutes a hub where new research, innovative perspectives on language teaching, and more are regularly discussed.  The association welcomes new members; a space for registration is visible on the new website.


AATY is an organizational member of the African Language Teachers Association (ALTA), which houses the different associations of teachers of African languages being taught in the United States. Focusing on the pedagogy of Yoruba language in US universities, the AATY association uses the website for networking and for providing pedagogically related resources for members of her association. Efforts are also being geared towards training and developing approaches for Yoruba language teaching through our annual conference, training that are being conducted by the National African Language Resource Center, and workshops that are created and led by the AATY executive members, and more. The robust participation of the membership has provided insights into ongoing work relationships and collaborations amongst members.


To ensure the adequate and smooth running of the association’s agenda, various committees have anchored workshops and carried out very important projects that continue to impact the overall operation of the organization. For example, the website committee completed the website project, the journal committee continues to ensure that members can publish their works through the association’s journal, the electoral committee members manage the electoral process for electing the executive members, and many other committees constantly give the association the support needed to be successful. Because of the continued commitment of past and present executive members and that of members of the association, the AATY has recorded specific achievements that reflect the overall goal of the association. The annual AATY conference, periodic workshops, brought about by the joint efforts of executive members and members of the association, journal publications, and Yoruba language programs promotions amongst others. The selfless efforts and contributions of various members of the association, serving on different committees and through individual commitment and contributions are recognized and highly appreciated. A huge thank you to all the members that will still serve in the future as well. Thank you very much! ​

Although the unprecedented hit of the COVID-19 pandemic has swayed in-person attendance at the annual conference, the organization has leveraged virtual workshops to continue to sustain academic and professional networking among members. In April 2021, the AATY organization, under the ALTA umbrella held her annual conference virtually, and it was very well attended. Due to the continued spread of the omicron virus, the association will also hold the upcoming 2022 annual conference, virtually.

Thank you again for your interest in the study and promotion of the teaching of the Yoruba language and literature in the Americas. Continue to stay safe and have a wonderful New Year 2022!

Adeola Agoke, Ph.D.

President, AATY

About AATY

The American Association of Teachers of Yorùbá (AATY) exists as a platform to facilitate the sharing of ideas, research and creative works on Yoruba Language, Literature, and Culture by linguists, literature scholars, language pedagogists, translation scholars, and others...

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