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Information about the Yorùbá FLTA Program

The Williams J. Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Fellowship sponsors cultural ambassadors from across the globe to teach native languages and present the cultures of their nations to US students and other audiences. Yoruba language teaching in the United States has greatly benefitted from this program, as it provides ample opportunity for Yoruba language programs to have continuous stream of instructors who come to the US to teach Yoruba to foreign language learners and to share the Yoruba cultures with Americans.


This program ultimately allows for both linguistic and cultural exchange because the teachers are also immersed in American cultures and linguistic practices.  


Many of the Yoruba FLTAs, although housed in different Universities in the United States, also participate in the annual AATY and NCOLTCL conferences. Upon completing the FLTA program, many of them join the graduate programs across diverse US University and continue to make great contributions to the development of AATY.



To Apply as a Yoruba FLTA, check the Fulbright/IIE official website


Already selected as an FLTA? Kú oríire o!


Initial recommendation: Contact the program director or the supervisor whose name is on your award letter. They might already be AATY members.

Recommendations for Incoming FLTAs

Be sure to find out information about important orientation dates for FLTAs and other graduate teaching assistants’ trainings in your host institution. Plan to attend these events as they are crucial to preparing you for the teaching and graduate learning tasks ahead of you. 


Familiarize yourself with the different types of housing available for graduate students on campus. For example, University housing, cooperative housing or rented apartments outside of the university campus. Sharing an apartment with other FLTAs might be a good way to cut down on rental costs. See this site for possible shared or rented apartments .


It is very important to carry your passport document, DS2019 and any other form of identifications with you as you board the plane. Consider keeping some Nigerian snack or your favorite Nigeria food stuff in your checked in bag. They will help stabilize your appetite as you continue to integrate into the US community.


Depending on the weather condition of the institution you are assigned to, it is advisable to bring at least one warm jacket with you. Although Americans love to wear casual clothing, you may bring a few formal clothing in case you need to attend a very important formal gathering. 


Some elementary Yoruba texts, such as the Alawiiye series by J.F Odunjo are very useful for Yoruba language teaching. You could also bring some Yoruba crafts or other small artifact as gifts to your outstanding students. The University of Michigan's website have additional information you might find useful.


Feel free to reach out to AATY via or any of the AATY members with questions that you might have.


Ire o!

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