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Ìmọ̀ Èdè:

Journal of Yoruba Language Pedagogy (JYLP).

AATY is delighted to launch its maiden scholarly journal, Ìmọ̀ Èdè: Journal of Yoruba Language Pedagogy (JYLP).  

Ìmọ̀ Èdè journal publishes peer-reviewed scholarly articles and book reviews on topics related to the teaching and learning of African languages in Second and foreign language contexts.


The Journal primarily seeks to address the interests of language teachers, administrators, and researchers who are actively engaged with language learning, teaching, and production of knowledge that are focused on interactional practices in and out of classroom settings. Articles that describe innovative and successful teaching methods relevant to the concerns or problems of the profession, or that report educational research or experimentation in Yoruba language are welcome. Using diverse data generated in and out of classroom contexts and through other forms of texts including literary, cultural, and other related genres, publications in this journal will provide an understanding of pedagogical practices and how such practices inform diverse perspectives on learning and knowledge production across contexts.


The language of publication in this journal is primarily the Yoruba language. However, written works that are in English will be given consideration especially if the content is focused on research on Yoruba language learning and pedagogical practices. Scholars across different fields that use both corpus, classroom, and interactional data across social contexts to explore the learning and teaching of Yoruba language are welcome to submit their research for peer-reviewed publication in the Journal of Yoruba Language Pedagogy.

JYLP will be published annually in collaboration with the National African Language Resource Center (NALRC) at the Indiana University, IU. Through IU Press, this journal will also grant open access to peer-reviewed publications. 


To submit your research paper, please read the details on journal submission.

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